Book stall

Book Stall

The book stall in the entrance foyer of Leigh View Medical Centre exists to generate additional funds to support the work of the Patients Club.

For activities like the Chair Aerobics which started with small numbers of participants, whilst still having a trainer and venue to pay for, it was decided that it would be great to keep the costs to participants minimal, but to do this, the Patient Club had to find a way to subsides this. The book stall was developed, and works on an honesty basis, whereby people donate books via reception, volunteer Chris replenishes the book stocks once a week, and any purchases are made via Reception at a minimal 50p per book.

The book stall currently generates approximately £10-£20 per month, and is an excellent way of bringing in funds, as well as providing a book exchange service as another local service for local people.

  • To donate a book, please leave it at Reception.
  • To buy a book, please leave 50p at Reception.

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