Patient Champion

Anne Suttle-Burton MBE

Anne Suttle-Burton has been appointed as the Patient Champion for Leigh View Medical Practice.  Anne attends meetings at Leeds West Clinical Commissioning Group on behalf of the practice, represents patients at citywide events and liaises directly with the Practice Manager about developments within the Patient involvement groups.

If you want to pass any comments along to Anne Suttle-Burton, please contact us.

What is a patient champion?

A patient champion (previously known as a patient leader) is someone that ensures the voice of patients, carers and the public is taken into consideration when decisions are made that affect health services and patient care. It isn’t about sharing personal opinions about health services but instead thinking about how changes affect all people from a range of different communities and backgrounds.

The Patient Champion programme gives our patients, a chance to volunteer and get involved in the NHS and share in the decisions we make on behalf of you, your friends and your loved ones.  Patient champions will help represent the voice of the wider community at project meetings which are attended by commissioners and clinicians. They are there to challenge the project leads to ensure the needs of patients and the public are at the centre of any decisions being made.

Current patient champions have already influenced some key decisions at the CCG and there’s lots of opportunities and projects to get involved in.


Background reading:

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To understand what Anne’s remit is, click here: Patient Champion role outline

Minutes of the Patient Champion peer support group here:2017-04-18-Peer-support-meeting-minutes

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